Thoughts on our new kit

Thursday afternoon finally saw the unveiling of Melbourne Victory’s kit for the 2011-12 season, the first of which not to be done by Reebok after A-League clubs were allowed to source their own kit suppliers from this season on. Everyone knew that the Victory would be going with Adidas and numerous leaked images gave us a fair idea of what the home strip would look like. However I have to say it was a nice touch to do a small video to launch it, not quite as good as a media launch but a lot better than no launch at all. Needless to say it looked pretty slick.

As for the kits themselves when it boils down to it, there is not a whole lot you can do with a a white “V” and the colour navy blue so there is no real surprises about the home kit. Although I would say that the white panels on the side are a little too big for my liking but that’s a small gripe. I won’t however be buying the home kit this season because the fluorescent yellow away kit will be finding its way into my collection of Victory tops. Gone are the days of the boring white away strip with this shirt that is reminiscent of old Chelsea and Barcelona away strips. Quite simple it is brilliant and a nice touch from Adidas and I look forward to seeing it action when we finally get around to the start of the season.

By the way Melbourne Victory, I’m still awaiting my call to appear on the promo video. Maybe next time?

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