Formation, structure & enough space for a cow

Since Melbourne Victory’s rather insipid performance Melbourne Heart on the weekend much has been said about structure and formation with every Tom, Dick and Harry (including myself) having a crack at what we think Mehmet Durakovic should do in terms of formation. In light of this I thought I would share with you all a comparison of what happened on Saturday night and my possible solution

Melbourne Victory formation vs Melbourne Heart

Melbourne Victory formation vs. Melbourne Heart (22 Oct 2011)*

MVFC Formation

Victory In Melbourne’s possible future Melbourne Victory formation

* NB. A cow has been has used as a symbol of how much space we left in the midfield, and is no way a reflection on Carlos Hernandez’s weight

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4 Responses to “Formation, structure & enough space for a cow”

  1. Adam Says:

    I don’t understand why you insist on keeping two holding midfielders (brebner and broxham), please explain why keeping two here is so essential?

  2. Neil Zimmerman Says:


    My reasoning for keeping two holding midfielders in my formation is that those in the attacking third don’t tend to track back a whole lot. Two DMs give the defence a bit more cover but then again I’m more conservative than most. That being said wouldn’t mind seeing Ferreira getting a run. He’s a bit more dynamic than both Brebner and Broxham and is not afraid to shoot like those two.

  3. ernie merrick Says:

    why is Leijer on the right hand side of the CB’s he’s a left footer and Vargas is a right footer

  4. Neil Zimmerman Says:


    The positioning of Leijer and Vargas was just symbolic. My bad.

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